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Support services COMPARISON

Vibrant is pleased to offer two levels of support services, which we have outlined in the comparison chart to follow. For detailed descriptions please see the relevant sections below.


Strategy services Comparison

Vibrant is pleased to offer three levels of strategy services, which we have outlined in the comparison chart to follow. For detailed descriptions please see the relevant sections below.


Support levels detailed Descriptions


At Vibrant, we believe in providing excellent support for every client. Our Standard support plan ensures your day-to-day IT needs are covered. Our Servicedesk is just a click away, available to responsively resolve those issues your team may be having. Additionally, our automated health-monitoring software ensures that we remain on top of many issues before you even notice. Concerned about your security? Our standard support package includes responsive endpoint protection, patch management, and best practices to help keep your valuable information safe. Finally, we will keep accurate and up-to-date documentation of all covered IT assets.


Our Premium support package encompasses everything you will receive from our Standard support package, with added benefits that help your business run smoother. In addition to our excellent support, monitoring, and threat protection, Onsite Support is included in our premium package. Tired of paying trip charges? This is the package for you. While our Standard support package offers responsive threat protection services, our Premium package adds proactive security layers for those who need advanced threat protection. Finally, end user hardware setup is included in our Premium package.


Strategy levels detailed Descriptions


At Vibrant, our staff has decades of experience offering strategic IT planning and guidance to organizations of all sizes. While we believe that a proactive IT strategy can accelerate every organization, we understand that not everyone is ready for that. For those who are still working towards proactive technology, we built BaseCamp. With BaseCamp, you’ll receive strategic guidance on an as-requested basis. We will always be here to answer any technology questions you may have, as well as to propose any project deemed necessary or appropriate. Additionally, our BaseCamp strategy package provides you with yearly monitored-hardware health reports, to ensure your IT environment remains in healthy shape.


If you’re just beginning to explore what a proactive IT strategy could do for you, Ascent is likely the package to start with. Ascent begins with everything in our BaseCamp package, then adds to it. In the Ascent package, Vibrant takes a proactive approach to your organization’s IT strategy. We will meet with you semi-annually to review your businesses objectives and discuss how technology may accelerate them. Additionally, we will build and then review with you environmental health reports which cover your workstations, networking equipment, servers, and applications we support. If you’re looking for semi-regular guidance on your environment, or to begin exploring proactive IT strategy and its benefits, Ascent is the package for you.


Our Summit package is for those clients who are looking towards technology as a critical business enabler. It starts with all the benefits of the prior package, but increases both the cadence of our involvement, as well as the depth.  It starts with quarterly reviews of your initiatives and environment. It continues with quarterly budgetary guidance and future spending forecasting. Finally, we complete the package with our proactive solutions design and proposals process, which see us regularly bring to your attention opportunities for improvement or growth. If you’re looking for technology to transform your business, our Summit package is for you.

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