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about vibrant

Vibrant is an Atlanta-based IT services firm with a people centered and value conscious approach to solving your technology challenges. With over 40 years combined experience in the information technology industry, we are well equipped to partner with businesses of all sizes in providing technical strategy, auditing, and implementation. At Vibrant, we journey together.

Our mission

Vibrant is a team of passionately creative facilitators. We do not believe that IT needs to be complex. We do believe that a well built and maintained IT infrastructure both cares for your team and improves your organizations effectiveness. We don’t believe that one size fits all - but we do look forward to learning more about you and your challenges, meeting your team, and helping you do greater things.


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Case Studies

While we believe that every one of our projects has effected positive change for our partners, some stand out to us as being either unique or noteworthy in a way which specifically accents our skills. Below are case studies from a few of our noteworthy projects.

Collaboration System for Distributed Team

Last Minute Data Center Move

Surge Capacity for Manufacturer

WAN Performance Audit

Network Infrastructure Rebuild

Technical Reinforcement

Our Services

Technical Strategy

We partner with you to provide the strategy and guidance your firm needs to ensure the proper toolsets and processes are in place to deliver on your organization’s goals. Our structured strategy processes will allow us to understand your business and team, ensuring that we deliver the right solutions fit to your needs.

Technology Audits

The IT industry is constantly undergoing change. Your organization is constantly changing as well. With two moving targets, it can be hard to know whether you are using the right tools, in the right way, at the right times. We can help. Our auditing process will assess whether your current technology is up to the task, what could be better, and flag up opportunities you should be aware of across your infrastructure.

Project implementation

Whether large or small, the Vibrant team has the experience to deliver the projects that move your organization forward. Whether migrating your business to the cloud, rebuilding your application stack, or revitalizing your network – we are here for you.

The Vibrant Difference

What do we mean when we say “people centered and value conscious approach”? While many business use some or both of these words to describe themselves, we have worked hard to try and build these concepts into the core of Vibrant, it’s processes, and it’s people. Here are a few ways we are currently delivering on our values.


We Operate With Integrity

  • We will be honest with you, both in easy times and difficult ones

  • We do not force you to buy things through us

  • We do not believe in the right solution for the job, not one-size-fits-all

  • We understand budgets, and do our best to respect them

We Work To Serve You Well

  • Our solutions are value conscious and appropriate for your business

  • We value simplicity, and will work to remove complexity wherever possible

  • We will be responsive in our communication with you

  • We use industry leading tools, ensuring we are well equipped to serve


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Core Competencies